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The Chronicles of SwissCelt's Lodge

The Fire Still Burns

February 3rd, 2014

New entry

How did this get here? And the date... 3 February 2014?

Either this entry was postdated for quite some time, or... or...

August 1st, 2010

Sorry for the Facebook-style (read:brief) post, but I really don't have much to say. Feel free to start a conversation in comments, if you're so inclined.

October 31st, 2009

The War on Halloween

First of all, a big thank you to anahata56. She'll know why.

And now, for something completely different...Collapse )

So with that backstory out of the way, let's shift gears once again. Though the anti-Halloween crusaders are few in number, being the shrill harpies of the Religious Right they more than make up for it in volume. I'm sure you've read by now that Pat Robertson picked up his tired worn crayon to scrawl that Halloween candy is prayed over by witches. I am cursed"blessed" with one or more of these crusaders on my Facebook page. When I posted a somewhat cheeky status update wishing everyone a happy Halloween, one of my high school classmates wrote, in seeming response, "Father forgive them for they know not what they do!" (I responded with another update, "Hey, you borrowed the holiday. If you don't like it now, don't blame us!") And on it goes, until some question why they would bother celebrating a holiday that has no real religious or civic meaning to the vast majority of Westerners anymore.

And that, I think, is the point... and why the crusaders are winning the War on Halloween despite their small number. So let's work to take the holiday back. Most everyone knows, almost intuitively, what Halloween means to them, even if it's nothing more than the joy of children receiving little treats for braving the often cruel world of adults to assert their future citizenship. Let's not scare the bejeezus out of our kids by allowing the crusaders to foist their religion of fear and terror upon them. Instead, let's show them that there's nothing wrong with growing up. It's just another point in the circle of life... like death, actually. Which, after all, is what Halloween is all about.

June 1st, 2009


In the previous entry, pope_guilty asks:

Is this really appropriate for a dominionism mod?

For the record, my response:

Read more...Collapse )

Presenting it all here in the spirit of openness.

May 24th, 2009

"Cavs Win!"

Yes, I know this is a pretty cheap way to get a journal update in. But this is positively the most exciting moment to date in Cleveland TV news history, and I figured I'd share... if for no other reason than to keep it in my journal.

March 21st, 2009

The former Church of Wicca

I have been waiting for a few months to write this post; since the "Reverend Doctor" Kendra Vaughn Hovey's revelation that she has converted to Christianity, and is apparently taking her "First Church of Wicca" with her. I anticipated writing a scathing rebuttal to Hovey's new writings about Christianity. And yes, I believed there might be more than a little snark involved.

Haer be dragons...Collapse )

That's why I feel I must write about Hovey's new Christian endeavour. And that's why I'm doing so here, in my personal journal, behind a cut. You don't have to read it, of course, but by the same token I don't think I gain anything by not making this a public post.

So here it is.Collapse )

My friends, this is not intended as a critique of Christianity, and I hope none read this as such. What the "Reverend Doctor" Kendra Vaughn Hovey preaches is not Christianity, but rather her latest attempt at megalomania. I'm actually saddened that Hovey has chosen to tarnish yet another religion with her destructive ways. Thanks for reading.

February 26th, 2009

I used to enjoy reading slacktivist. It was absolutely wonderful reading someone who understands, intimately, the dangers Dominionism poses not only to this country, but to Christianity. Fred Clark, the journalist behind Slacktivist, has been a great compass for me: In a time when so many so-called "Christians"-- and even more than a few well-meaning ones-- were caught up in the politics of proselytization, Clark wandered the wilderness to tell us all that this was not right. Dominionism, he reminded us, is not Christianity.

Last November, after President Obama was elected, I suspected that Dominionism would be on the wane for a few years. I even hoped for that to happen, and thus far it seems to have come true. In that hope, though, was the fear that the tendency by some to mix Christian teachings with political power would take a new form. Maybe tendency isn't the right word here. Really, it's more of a temptation; a sin.

I've noticed a change on Slacktivist in the last few months. Gone are the admonitions on combining Christianity with politics. In its place, increasingly, are political screeds justifying policy with political teachings. It's almost like D James Kennedy came back from the dead to thump the other half of the Bible for a while.

Wherein we are compared to workers in a vineyard, and your SwissCelt wonders when he'll be paid his denarius.Collapse )

November 2nd, 2008

The Political Post

I've been wanting to write this post for a few weeks now, but just couldn't find the time. Right now, the weekend before the elections here in the US, is my last best chance to do so. I know I've been extremely lax in updating this journal this season, and probably the last thing most of you want to read right now is another political screed. But while I'm not so naive to think that all among my regular readers are even still lurking about this corner of cyberspace, much less eager to indulge me in a long-winded rant at this time, I do think the experience may be worth it for those of you who will kindly... look behind the cutCollapse )

July 12th, 2008

The Time Element

fear, freedom

"Imagine, if you will..." So began nearly every subsequent episode of "The Twilight Zone", with Rod Serling taking the role of narrator back from Desi Arnaz, seen above in the pilot introduction. The pilot was, of course, "The Time Element": A man by the name of Peter Jensen consults a psychiatrist believing that, upon falling asleep, he would travel through time back to 1941. "I wake up in a hotel room in Honolulu, and it's 1941, but I mean I really wake up and it's really 1941!"

I feel like Jensen frequently nowadays...

Imagine, if you will...Collapse )

But that's how it is in the age of the eternal slumber; an age known as, "The Twilight Zone".
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